Where am I

The moment I find myself observing an action……I am in the action that I am observing.   So being within the action, I am an active contributor to the event/action.  Therefore by focusing on the event good or bad I am actively participating and keeping it alive.

So where am I, when by being that I am, and  in my eagerness to highlight the good or bad that I want to either continue or discontinue, I have given it yet another breath of live to be alive for another moment.

If I understand that accurately then I must be very selective as to whom I am sending the precious breath of life.  I have to take ownership of my choices and their consequences that unveil because if my choice to give life to an event that may bring forth blessings or misery.

So before those words slip out of my mouth let me review them ever so closely because they will shape my future from this moment on……………

What future are you bringing to yourself